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Erin and Chase

It's party time!

42 days until the big day!

Our Story

Depending on who you ask this story goes a little differently :)

Chase's Version - We met when Erin came over to my apartment freshman year with her friend to do laundry (Hi Amelia!). But she paid absolutely no attention to me until we had class together junior year.

Erin's Version - Which is the correct place to start this story. Chase and I had class together junior year and for the first few days he sat next me. At my 21st birthday party he came up to me and said "I sit next to you in class" ~great pick up line~ and then proceeded to not sit next to me in the following class... He then asked our friend (Hi again Amelia!) for my number so that we could study together, for the world's easiest class. We then went to the classy Clemson establishment of Tokyo where he asked me to be his girlfriend, and the rest as they say is history...kind of!

~ Fast forward a few years ~

Our Version - I got the opportunity to move from Milwaukee to Charlotte temporarily for a job. On the very first weekend in Charlotte, Chase came to visit and we have been pretty inseparable ever since. I finally moved back down south, for good, after 8 long months of living in a hotel and 2 months later Chase also found himself in Charlotte. Over the last 4.5 years we have been building an incredible life in CLT, I mean we literally built a house, and we can't wait to share this place with you.

We are so excited for all of you to be in Charlotte in August and to experience this amazing city that we call home.

Erin and Chase